Cassette/VHS Conversion

Have you got an old cassette tape that you would like to be converted to a CD or MP3?
Then we can help. Only $20 per cassette+ postage and handling if applicable.

This is the process to convert Cassette tapes to CD

  1. We receive the cassette tape, this is either posted or dropped off at our office
  2. A digital copy of the tape is created
  3. Any noise is removed from the digital copy (such as hissing, which is common for cassette tapes)
  4. The digital copy is split into separate tracks
  5. The digital copies of the tracks are labeled
  6. The converted cassette is burned to an audio CD

Please note, due to a limitation with our equipment, we are unable to restore any lost audio due to wear, the best time to convert the cassette tape to CD is before it starts to show wear

Please contact us if you would like a cassette tape converted onto CD